13. Kick push coast..

“First got it when she was six, didn’t know any tricks
Matter of fact, first time she got on it she slipped
Landed on her hip and busted her lip
For a week she had to talk with a lisp like thisss….
Now we can end the story right here
But shorty didn’t quit, it was something in the air
Yeah, she said it was something so appealing
she couldn’t fight the feeling, something about it
she knew she couldn’t doubt it, couldn’t understand it
Branded since the first kickflip she landed
Labeled a misfit, a bandit” -Lupe Fiasco

kick push2kick push1kick push3

Style i’m rocking with:

  • .:villena:. – Torn Cropped Shirt – GnR Dip @kustom9
  • .:villena:. – Tied Sweatshirt + Shirt – Gray @kustom9
  • .:villena:. – Superskinny Jeans – Blue (last round @kustom9)
  • Beusy: The Vibes Hair & Cap #1 [Vibes Gacha//Boxed] RARE @kustom9
  • (Yummy) Vincent Glasses – Black @collab
  • (Yummy) “Unicorn” Nameplate Necklace
  • FLITE. Retro Gliders V2 Fatpack (Limited Edition) @Flite
  • Pose :: Focus Poses Skater Girl :: (on MP)
  • Props: ninety – Subway Train Party ALL SET @kustom9

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