15. The Awakening..

“According to the legend, at another time, when Buddah “sound of the drum” showed beings the path to the awakening, there she was, The Moon Princess. She practised meditation with great dedication and reached the stage of development in which she could freely choose her next incarnation…”

the awakening

“Ordinary mortals are simply blown by the “winds of karma” into an existence which fits their tendencies..High Bodhisattavs, like The Moon Princess, can chose her conditions, in which her abilities will best be used and required for their full advancement…”

the awakening1

“a monk friend told The Moon Princess, they finally found her a male body to complete the awakening…the Princess thanked the monk, but politely rejected and announced until complete awakening, she will only take on female incarnations, and attain enlightenment as a woman..as an example and inspiration for all women on the path…and so it was…”

The Moon Princess led countless people to liberation with her healing works, as legend arose, women and men no longer wanted to follow the old patriarchal tradition, The legend of the awakening Moon Princess, can give women the courage to move freely and change them from the insides…



  • Air_Toriko black & gold_CM* @BAROQUED

sim credit: Sir Trager’s Castle


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